Friday, May 27, 2011

Go and sin no more...

Another incredible night with my Ocean View women last night.  Casey asked last week, "Do you ever NOT have an amazing night with your women?"  I don't.  It's always amazing.  Guess who doesn't get the credit for that - ME.  They show up and are just expectant and loving and open and real.  It's beautiful.  Last night we went through the beginning of John 8 where Jesus meets the woman caught in adultery, changes the whole scene inviting those who are perfect to persecute her, and then when they are left alone in the dust tells her to go and sin no more (notes below).  I think this is one of the most profound teaching moments of Jesus' ministry because there is no clearer picture of the forgiveness and compassion of God than this incident.  It lights up my mind and burns in my heart at the scandalous love of Jesus that also reaches out to me and to you.  God is incredible.  As a group of women we were humbled by this story and cried and shared together one again.  I pray we can take in this captivating love for ourselves and see others not with judgement but with compassion and forgiveness.  Only through the power of God.

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