Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coming Up Next

Yesterday I was having some 'quiet time' pretending to do work but instead watching tv while Kiers was out with Granny, and there was a knock at the door interrupting my quiet bliss.  It was my OV Methodist church friends Pam and Morne.  They rock my world.  They are this incredible couple who I have asked to pray about becoming youth lead through this cool training by an organization called J-Life that trains leaders for Africa all over the continent.  So they have been praying FOREVER about jumping in with us!  They have 3 kids, very busy, very committed, I KNEW they really wanted to say no.

But last night they broke my rest to tell me YES!  They feel called to jump on board with the youth, be trained, and see where God takes them!  They actually already have TONS of vision and just huge expectation and excitement for what is ahead!

Best birthday present EVER!
I feel like this is a present to me because God has given me His eyes to see this couple.  They have been through a lot, many challenges, many hardships, but they continue to grow and learn and are hungry for more of God.  They have so much potential and I think they are going to be a light in leading the next generation of our church.

Humbling.  Beautiful.  Exciting.

This is why I do ALL of this, to see new people step up into leadership, into the unknown, into their calling, and take a journey with me that I know will be beautiful.  I am pumped.

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