Sunday, May 8, 2011


Kieren has been playing with a new buddy lately, one our neighbors, a girl named Roseka.

Roseka comes running down the street when we drive in and loves playing with Kieren.  She is probably about 10 years old and full of laughter and joy.

Picture below is me TRYING to take a picture but they were laughing and jumping around.  Classic.

I especially love this friendship because it's not one I would have chosen for her.  Actually, Roseka has been coming around our home the past year and a half, but Kieren is the one who just now invites her in all the time.  At first I thought Roseka was just a bit awkward or pushy, but then I learned she goes to the local handicapped center for school.  I am beginning to understand why she is so needy for attention and why she often ends up alone without the other kids.  I am not sure about the family, but I don't think it's the most awesome situation.  I often see her at night on the street playing with kids in her bathrobe and slippers.  

And I didn't want to let her in, but Kieren did.  Kieren loves her.  Hugs her when she comes in.  They laugh and play and are so cute.  Kieren is teaching me about true love.  Kieren is teaching us about opening our home to a beautiful girl who just wants to be loved.  Kieren loves without noticing what everyone else sees.  It's beautiful.  Very humbling.

I love that they are buds.  I hope that Kieren keeps loving people so graciously and boldly.  And I really hope I can learn to do the same.


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Megan said...

This brought tears to my eyes. So humbling...