Thursday, April 21, 2011


Yep, that's me today.  Tired.  But hope is on the horizon because Casey and I are going out of TOWN today!  We are going to the gorgeous Mosaic Lodge that we visited last year and staying in one of the cottages with the American family that owns it.  Oh my gosh, I could just drink this day IN.  It is so refreshing and I am THIRSTY.

We have books, tv shows, comfy clothes, lots of food and snacks, and some parents that are ready to take 2048938jdi0 naps.

Granny is at home with an unsuspecting Kieren and very suspecting Ntokozo.  I have never been away for Kieren for more than a night (*TEAR*) so this will be hard for me (when did I become THAT mom??).  Granny is the best and Kieren loves her so it will be great.  Ntokozo is just mad but Granny doesn't mind and she is always respectful to Granny.  So the fridge is stocked and my girls will hopefully have a good few days.

It is Thursday, we are leaving NOW and coming back Saturday.  WHAT??

Please keep praying with us for Ntokozo, this is a story that is not finished by any means, but it is a bit of an emotional nightmare for me.  I reached some more breaking points this week, as I am just so hurt by her actions and responses towards me.  I have SO MANY great people around me to talk through this, so I really know she is not responding to me but all the hurt and pain inside her.  But wow, it SEEMS like she is just being hurtful to me.  Seriously, apart from Kieren's accident I have never been through anything so painful.  For sure.  So it's a good time to get away, be refreshed, be renewed by God, have FUN with Casey and remember who I am.  So good.  We are blessed.

TTYL (talk to you later!)


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