Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Glimpses

Some recent glimpses (RANDOM!) into the Prince world...

Ubuntu was in the local paper, 'The Echo,' that highlights stories around our area, the Southern peninsula of Cape Town.  These boys think they are FAMOUS now! 

Dinner out with some friends on Saturday night, and Kieren sharing snacks with her buddies Lachona and Bailey.  These are a couple of her BESTIES!

The Ocean View peace march last week.  The group started out at the entrance of Ocean View with signs, police, and candle-lighting.  It was families all together and we walked through out community, adding people along the way.

 We then gathered at the Ocean View multipurpose center for a rally with various speakers and people in the community sharing.  This is my friend Rosanne sharing about why she LOVES Ocean View.  Beautiful stuff.  Then I was asked to speak in front of these beautiful people - such an honor!

Afterwards I hung out with some wanna-be gansta boys in the hallway.  Much more my scene...

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