Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Jesus

Thursday was a murky day, but I just kept pushing myself through it.  Part of it was that I didn't want to be home because Ntokozo was here (I know that sounds bad), but she won't speak to me and it's just sad for me to be at home.  So it was the extra push I needed to actually prepare for my women's bible study on Thursday.  We are working through John, so our next passage was exactly what I needed.  It's in John 5 when Jesus finally just begins to teach on WHO He is and His equality with the Father God.  This is theology, and it's thick and intense.  But as Beth Moore says, "Our theology forms our reality."  So it's important.  I was great for me to just teach on Jesus; JUST JESUS.  It's not always about us, actually it never really is; it's all about Jesus.  So I taught this lesson below and then we went around in a circle and shared all the places in our life where we needed Jesus.  The places where we needed Jesus to break through in all His power and glory and love.  I got to share my crap and so did everyone else.  It was messy and BEAUTIFUL.  We were all raw and blessed.  Jesus was there.  JUST JESUS.  I love this life.

Check out the notes at this link: or read below.


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