Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Love My Boys!

Just thought you might want to hear from the new 'mom' of Ubuntu Sports after such a great weekend.  All I can say, over and over, is 'I love these boys.'  I mean I have just totally fallen in love with them.  Did we think it would be any different?  Well actually, I kind of did.  Just hearing about these boys' backgrounds and the problems they are already getting themselves into, I just didn't know how close I would actually feel to them.  But after this weekend...whoa.

Kieren and I tried to make as many appearances as we could at games, and even came up to camp on Saturday night.  The cutest part of it all is that Kieren LOVES these boys and they are so sweet to her!  She cried when we had to leave to go home on Saturday night.  AND, the boy that is the most obsessed with her is Josh, our 'problem' child who has so many issues!  He is so sweet always going to talk and play with her.

The boys just had a blast together.  Taking them out of their difficult and stressful home environments made our hopes a reality as we watched these kids open up, laugh, play, and truly be themselves.  We saw terrified little boys at the first game against a BIG opponent and by the end of the tournament they really found their feet and confidence.  They are sweet boys, growing up in a fast and difficult world, and excited about the new opportunity opening up before them.  I feel so proud and connected to them - you all would LOVE to see what is going on with them!  They are coming alive!  This is really happening! 

Here are a few shots from my phone from the weekend:

The boys playing a game of cricket (the sport here that ALL kids know and love to play) in the evening before dinner

Uncle Michael with Kiers

Coach Casey and Coach Mike praying with the boys for dinner

The boys enjoying their dinner

With love from the PROUD Ubuntu mom,

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makes me want to visit reaaaal bad!