Friday, April 15, 2011

Get Up

Another night with my women.  To anyone on the outside it was another ordinary night of meeting, reading God's word, sharing, crying, praying together.  To me and to the group, it was another SPECIAL and HOLY night together.  We are a family and we are a force.  I just love these women and I love that God brings us together week after week.  Honestly, if you long to work with the poor, if you long to make a difference, then just start showing up, and KEEP showing up.  And then show up some more.  That time, even as simple and mundane as it might seem is so blessed.  It adds up.  It means something because we are close now, we have a language, we come in the door ready to open up and lay down our stuff.  Gosh, it's just so beautiful.  These women are my heros and I love doing life with them week after week after week.  God is meeting us.


To see my notes from the talk 'Get Up,' click here, or look below.

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Anonymous said...

Sara, I have only met you at your wedding but I'm a friend of Caseys. I just want you to know your blog post was beautiful & inspiring. The notes from the "get up" talk were incredible. I loved how you opened up this passage. How beautiful are the hands and feet of Jesus! I will continue to land here on this blog, thank you so much! Katie Walters