Monday, March 28, 2011


If you feel that the Prince's are MIA lately, SOOORRRY, it's my (Sarah!) fault.  I recently got a new computer and a new ipod (missionary life!  woo hoo!  computer crashed and ipod stolen.... Ocean View life!) and then proceeded to use up ALL of our African Internet in like 5 seconds.  Don't worry, Casey keeps reminding us all whose fault it is.  I do feel bad and a bit disconnected and a tiny bit bad that we are now making our white friends who have UNLIMITED Internet (this is huge and new and cool and only available where white people live, so not in the View) into our own Internet cafes.  

Just made some SERIOUS run on sentences. 
So much to tell about, such a full and fun and blessed weekend.

But  my computer is a little sad faced because of the lack of use it's getting.  April 1st Internet will be BACK and so will we.  Until then, we will see you sporadically...

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