Friday, March 25, 2011

Everyday Heros

This is a new 'theme' that you will see more and more on my blog, but I want to highlight 'everyday heros' that are in my midst and all over the world.  I think sometimes we need to be reminded that we can all be a hero, we can all save the world, we can all "be the change you want to see in the world," in the words of Mahatma Gandhi.

My hero for today is my friend Chantel Douglass.  Her and her husband are South Africans who work at Hillsong Church here in Cape Town (this is actually odd because most of their staff are foreigners!).  They are an INCREDIBLE couple and we have loved getting to know them and their sweet kids Manassa and Tenacity.  They came with the fam last night to check out Ubuntu Sports and then Chantel shared with the women.   Her story was hard to even listen to because she experienced a great deal of pain and trauma as she grew up, but JEsus truly rescued her from it and now she lives in freedom and forgiveness, even with the ones that hurt her most.  Her story could NOT have been more appropriate for our woman and they were moved and inspired in many ways.  This woman is amazing, she is a mom, runs a HUGE kids ministry, loves her husband, cares for her family, and is changing the world day by day.  What an honor to know her and be friends with her.  Women have a special heart and power!

Who is an 'everyday hero' in your life this week??

Lots of love,

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