Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Teaching this Week

Well folks, it's over.  My lectures for my class on the Johannine Writings, that is (notes below).  Today was my fifth and final lecture, and it was on the Book of Revelation (no big deal, very easy book....on opposite day!).  Now it's done and it feels a bit vulnerable, like I want to go back and do it again so I can do it better or something, but it's done and really done!  Today was an AWESOME day with great topics and discussion and my boss, the head of Christian Studies at Cornerstone Institute, even sat in for some of the class (yikes!).  He didn't yank me out or anything, so we are okay I think.  Wow, just can't get my head around it, I am almost done with my first class as a college lecturer.  We still have two more classes, but they are getting in pairs to do presentations on the book of Revelation - so fun (I mean that, I am such a nerd!).  Can't wait.  Love, love, love these incredible people.  They are inspiring and intelligent and are going to change the world.  Watch this space...


Prayer and scripture to open class:

Class Notes:

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Kerry said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean about wanting to go back and do it again, and the feeling of vulnerability...OH, so have been there!!! love you. km