Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Prayers Answered!

Just wanted to share a great PRAISE - Antoine Musemena and his family (our Congolese friends) have made it safety back home to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This was a LONG journey for them and I know they are glad to be there safe and sound.  Now come a whole new set of prayer requests for them!  Below is the email I received from Antoine today; please join us in prayer for this incredible family and the work they are doing for God!

Hello Sarah, Jim
we are glad to let you know since the 20 february that Mathy and Onesie arrived at Kinshasa and myself and Christ Roi arrived on the 28th february.We are doing well but honestly our country is completely destroyed .the poverty has reached the extreme and the misery is total. food price is not affordable for the poor people.We pray God to come to help our country because the politic authorities do not care for people.Even us who came from outside, in very few days we start to feel it and we pray God to assist us.For now we are in process to get a bank account and will let you know as soon as we get it.Once more thank you for your continuous assistant. May God bless youMathy and the children are doing well and our family which is also under the national situation are doing their best to help us but for how long.When we will finish to get in touch with some orgarnisation in kinshasa we will be going to Kisangani.We write to you again very soon.Antoine