Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coming Together

Last night some close friends of ours who live in Ocean View came over because they wanted to discuss their marriage and some issues they were facing.  These are people that partner with us in ministry, and whom we love and respect very much.  They have some things going on that are really affecting their marriage, and want some help talking through them and building a stronger foundation and bond between them.  It is a privilege that they would allow us into their marriage and very inspiring to see a young couple who wants marital health.  In Ocean View, as in America too, most people just settle for 'okay' marriages, and it's a victory if you even stay together at all.  We believe that marriage is a sacrament of God, which means it's a place where God can enter and do something holy and supernatural that is unexplainable.  We experience that, but know that you have to WORK and FIGHT to find that in this difficult world.  It's so amazing to see another couple agree and want GREAT not just good.  It's amazing to come together and really 'do life' in this way with people in our community.  This is what it's all about.

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Kerry said...

We just had a really convicting sermon preached about marriage this past weekend at Solid Rock! All about the reasons to get married, etc. anyway, thought of you and casey because one of the things about getting married is having a "mission" - and you guys work so well together because your mission is aligned so well. good work. :) friendship, sex, and family were the other things (OMG i just wrote SEX on your blog, bahahaha!)