Friday, February 11, 2011

A Week in the View

Thought we would share some of the images from this week in Ocean View

Neighbor Akeelah making some beautiful art on the pavement in front of Ocean View Methodist

Ntokozo hanging with Joslyn and Nosie, two of the View youth girls

Roxie and some of the View kids watching High School Musical through the window.  This thing is a phenomenon all over the world.  Sheesh.

Vano, Kyle, and Keegan hanging outside enjoying some fresh grapes.  They liked them so much they promised not to be rude anymore.  Only lasted a few minutes, but a great start...

Kieren enjoying another beautiful afternoon playing outside with 'Dora'

Sarah and Kieren laughing and playing outside

Kieren playing with her buddy Keegan.  They are new best buds!

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Jessica Nelson said...

Loveeee this post with the pictures :)