Thursday, February 17, 2011


If you wonder if miracles still happen today, or if you think they don't, then you need to come to Ocean View.  God is alive and well here, for sure!  Last night for our View Women's Bible Study I preached from John 2 where Jesus does his first miracle in turning water to wine.  The intricacies and depth of this story are stunning, and it really brought to life a BIG GOD who wants to bless us in the ordinary and small places of our lives.  Then we shared stories of miracles happening in our own lives, and among us God came alive in new a beautiful ways.  One girl is even LIVING a miracle, as daily God is healing her.  She is a young adult woman, who had a pregnancy where the baby was found deformed inside her in a scan, and then died.  She delivered a dead baby, and thought she would die of sadness from this, but did not.  God is re-building her life day by day, and she shows signs of God's love and tender care.  It is beauty from the ashes in the making.  Amazing.  

Love these women and sharing life with them.  Love how the Bible comes alive in unthinkable ways as we share our lives.  Love what God STILL is going to do among us!

Sarah's notes from her teaching: click here.

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