Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Book Review by Sarah

Casey and I both just finished SUCH. A. GOOD. BOOK.  Warning, this is a crude and crazy reading!  David Sedaris is from Raleigh and we know his dad through our gym spin class (random!) so we have read his stuff for a while!  His work is short stories from his life and they are RIDICULOUS and hilarious.  It is laugh out LOUD reading for me, and always brings a touch of Southern love and warmth.  If you are looking for a great work of literature, something a bit nuts, and a work of modern Americana, check out David Sedaris.

Overall Grade: A

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missjulierae said...

Yess! My favorite author ever. I've ready all his books and love it when he reads them on NPR. If you've not read it it you MUST read "me talk pretty one day". Its his best book and there's some good NC stuff in there that will make you miss home. :)

Love reading about your adventures. And i'm so glad you love teaching!