Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Update

Happy Monday everyone!

So happy to start another week - and time is flying by for us these days - you too??  It is almost the end of January - one month will be done in 2011 and only 11 to go!  Much to do still!

We had a great weekend with friends and spending time together as a family.  On Friday we had a braai with our good friends the Denne's and the Chittendon's.  Always great to have catch up time with some of the favorites!  Then Saturday we spent some time at home in morning (while Casey finished up another Ubuntu academy clinic - update soon!) and then I took Kieren, Ntokozo, and K's little friend Jensen to the beach.  Kieren LOVED having her bud there and they ran around for hours in and out of the waves (and it was a chilly and windy day, but these cute girls didn't mind!).  Jensen taught Kieren how to make sand castles, which can now be added to our beach activities.  Then Jensen's mom, my great friend Julie Ostrand, joined us all and we shared some ice cream.  Always have to have ice cream at the beach.  Always.  Then Saturday night we took out the 'World Race' missionaries to a cool spot on the beach called 'Polana' for a night on the town.  We had a late dinner at the yummy tapas restaurant, and then at 10pm a band gets going and we talked and danced.  So fun.  They are a cool bunch of young people and we have loved getting to know them!  Sunday morning we had church at the View and my co-pastor Kyle preached a GREAT message about looking for Jesus OUT in the world, not in the church.  Then we trucked the team over to Hillsong to hear the lovely Lucinda Dooley preach, and divinely she preached a very similar message about DOING justice and making wrong things right.  Ahhh, it was so challenging and wonderful.  Lunch with our mission buds and Michael and Rose Jenkins and then back to the View.  Casey and I were EXHAUSTED from the week and weekend AND Kiers still struggling to sleep with those big, bad molars coming in, so our church friend Charmaine James took the little girl for a few hours while we took coma naps.  It. was. AWESOME.  How great is our church community that they love to take Kiers any time!  They are cool.  Then we picked up our crazy two-year-old and went to another couples' house for dinner, Tim and Natasha Hoffman, who do great work at Living Hope coordinating all the volunteers.  They are really doing a wonderful job with that program and it's so fun to keep sending people over to them to work in our communities here that need help (!

Again, coma night of sleep and now we are up just checking emails after some hard workouts, and a pig-tailed beauty plays in the kids area.  Fun life.  Today we have an important meeting with Bethany, who runs the ministry that Ntokozo was brought to us through.  We are working on next steps for our brown daughter, and just want to make sure we are following our God.  She is crazy.  We are crazy.  Kiers is definitely crazy.  We are starting to think that God might want all of us crazies to just crazy it together...  Prayers??

Life is crazy and beautiful.  Wish you were here :)  Visit??  Come on, you know you want to!

Lots of love,

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