Monday, January 24, 2011

Elon University Response

Just thought we would update you guys on the response we've gotten from our Elon University crew.  After they left Cape Town they headed up to Johannesburg and Kruger National Park to finish up their trip.  A few of them have emailed since then and it's quite encouraging.
Professor Prudence Layne:
I finally have a moment to thank you properly for continuing to engage with our students in a deep and meaningful way. All of them (some to tears) were moved by their interactions with the kids from Ocean View and you and Sarah. Yes, I'll definitely be sending more your way next year and I appreciate the offer. Please give my best to Sarah and the little one. She's adorable!
Senior Hannah Parker:
I wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to come to Ocean View and stay with your family last week.  I had so much fun getting to know you, Sarah, and Kieren.  I loved partaking in the soccer clinic and being able to talk with some of the boys about their family and hopes for the future.  Some of the stories have really stuck to me and I've been thinking about them everyday.  I am so impressed by everything you have done and hope that I will be able to come back to visit or at least see you back in the States. I definitely want to check out the books you mentioned and thank you for the recommendations. I hope all is going well back in Cape Town and thank you again for sharing your story with us.  It has really inspired me and I can't wait to wear the Ubuntu shirt back at Elon.  
Senior Casey Hekker:
We all had the most amazing time at Ubuntu with your family and friends, I wish we could have gone back everyday! You guys do an awesome job in your community, and I really enjoyed getting to see it and experience it for myself. You and Sarah are such an inspiration and I can't wait to get home and share your stories with everyone.  Thank you so so much for letting us come last week, I loved every minute of it. And who knows, maybe I'll be back soon :)  
I've been quite impressed with the students we've had from Elon the last 2 years.  They are really developing some great young people.  They are inquisitive, servant hearted, bright, and humble.  I hope they will continue to join us.  But I also love their reaction to our lives.  How amazing is it that they can see the truth of Jesus in our life and story.  That's such affirmation of what we're trying to do/be.


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