Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Brain Dump

This is, incidentally, how my brain and head feels right now.  The new week is HERE and there is so much to attack.  It's going to be great, and I'm not even having that feeling like 'I can't wait until it's over,' just excited for the moments to come.  But lots of work to do.

So in preparation, I will do a quick weekend brain dump on you of the events of our weekend.  I don't think we mentioned during the week that Granny Jacoba was out with a BAD stomach flu all week, so we actually had to raise our own child, not okay, which we promptly let her know on her return this morning, but it did mean that we were a bit pooped by Friday with all the Kiers watching and playing that went on all week.  Friday we did a gym run, Casey met with Michael about Ubuntu, Kiers napped, we lunched, worked with our church who was hosting a mission team for the weekend, and then went to dinner with our Hillsong small group that starts up this week (YAY!).  Minkey, Ntokozo's cousin, who still lives with her estranged family here in CT, spent the night with us on Friday for the first time - big step!  Saturday was an early morning spin class for me, Casey, Michael, and Treswell visiting families to invite them to elite Ubuntu clinic (SO COOL!) and Kiers and I took Ntokozo and Minkey to the beach.  ICE CREAM.  WAVES.  CUTE TODDLER.  FUN.  Came back, hung with millions of kids that invaded our yard and home because church was holding mission (*sigh*), worship at the mission night, and went to dinner with friends for yummy Italian. SARAH TOOK TWO NAPS.  HOLLAR.  Sunday was OV church which was SO awesome because visiting preacher was LEGIT and so good and had 'altar call' and people came forward and were anointed and prayed for.  Just a moment to tell God that He is up to something, you know, He knows, and we are going to GO for it.  Very proud pastor.  *sigh*  Next was fight with brown daughter (see earlier post), anger nap, lunch and hang time, errands with girlies (they loooove each other), and then Hillsong worship night and dinner with a new missionary family here, the Kyle's, who have son Davis who is 4 and Kiers' new fav boy.  'YAY DAVIS' was heard throughout the night.  SO FUN.  BED EARLY.  CRAZY WEEK AHEAD.  LOVE IT. READY!!

Lots of love,

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Ubuntu Sports Outreach blog said...

I love my wife desperately, but she has something against proofreading. We invited kids this weekend into the development ACADEMY, not just some random clinic. And the family we took to church is the "Kaye's" not the "Kyle's" I'm working on her, but you guys can help me!!