Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Passion 2011

We are having a pretty incredible moment right now.  If you're not aware, 22,000 college students have gone to Atlanta for a gathering called Passion.  They are there to seek the face of Jesus and to live for His fame alone.  Tons of students that we have loved over the years are there with our group from Grace Community Church and their college ministries.
We have been trying this week to watch the sessions, but because our internet is quite spotty we never could watch one.  We've kept up on twitter and from a few texts from friends there.  But tonight we were able to watch the final session (from Louie's talk onward) while we ate our dinner here in South Africa.
It's an incredible moment because of the role that Passion has played in our journey with Jesus and getting us to this place.  I first attended a Passion event at One Day in 2000 and Sarah and I have been groupies ever since.  The more important thing than having some people or events to follow has been the way that Jesus has spoken into our hearts through them.  From that first time on the field in Memphis I knew that I would one day being doing what we're doing now.  And each time we were there our hearts continued to be broken for the world, for the 'least of these', and for the Name of Jesus to reign.  So here we are, trying to love the people of South Africa in unique ways that draw them to Jesus.  And we do it all while our little penguin baby that has drawn with marker all over herself walks, dances, and sings her way around our kitchen.   We're overwhelmed with what Jesus is doing in the world and that He allows us to be even a small part of it.  Thanks to Passion for speaking the name of Jesus in such profound ways that we couldn't help but move and 'carry' it here.



adam herod said...

Beautiful guys. Love you all and so glad God allowed us to connect.

sarah kelly hurst said...

i too love Passion and its played a huge role in who i am and who i'm becoming...! i love that you described kieren as your penguin..honestly i don't think there could be a cuter, more accurate animal for her! :) miss you!