Monday, January 3, 2011


Last week I was able to see my busy friend and ministry partner, Danielle.  This is a woman who is CERTAINLY glad to ring in the year 2011 and write a new season of history.  The year 2010 began for Danielle trying to clean up her life after an abusive altercation with her husband and the decision to finally divorce him and start a new life with her three kids.  Over this year she continued her work at the most highly respected pre-school in Ocean View, finished her work at a local college in continuing education for elementary education, moved from her house to a 'Wendy house' (like a wooden tool-shed where people live in this community) and furnished the new home for her and her kids (her husband remains living alone in their 3 bedroom home).  It has been an extremely difficult year, but this woman always has a smile on her face, laughter in her voice, and praise to God in her heart.  She truly is grateful for each day God gives her and never lives as a victim but always makes the best of whatever she has.  We talked for months about when she would finally finish her extra college work and how we would celebrate, and she wanted to go to a winery to wine taste.  So last week we did just that, all dressed up, to celebrate HER!  She realized she doesn't even like wine (!) but we had a great day just talking and soaking up the summer day.  Danielle is a hero to me, a woman who exemplifies the life and love of Jesus Christ even when life is stormy and dark.  I am so proud of this woman and can't wait to see what this new year holds for her!

Lots of love,

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