Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve Hike

This New Year's Eve I decided to do something different and planned a hike up a mountain in Stellenbosh (wine country) for the sunset of our last day of 2010.  Our fun friends Mark and Kate Chittendon came along, we packed some great picnic food, and went on our way.  Some of the hike was through the vineyards and then up the mountain we went.  It turned out to be MUCH MORE than we bargained for, a VERY difficult hike of over 11kms, but once at the top it was so worth it!  A great challenge and a lot of fun!

Kate and Casey starting out our hike through the vineyards

The view over the vineyards and that mountain is what we hiked - all the way to the top!!

We FINALLY made it to the top, and here is the sun setting on a beautiful New Years Eve night.

Happy and windblown...

An African sunset; there is nothing like it.

We were SHATTERED after our hike back down, but felt so happy and accomplished.   An incredible way to end 2010, with an adventure!  Hope your year also ended beautifully!

Lots of love,

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