Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

WOW.  I mean WOW.  Today is one of the first days of 2011.  We will never have this year back again.  Someone on the radio said on the last day of 2010 to make this day count, but I thought, it seems a bit late if you REALLY have things you wanted to accomplish this year, right?  I didn't do an extensive goal list for this past year, but I always aim that each year will be better and stronger than the last, and this one didn't disappoint.  When I look back at 2010 it will have many memorable moments, and others that I will always try to forget.  Kieren's burn accident is of course one of most defining experiences of the year, but our friend Kelly Kosky also lost his leg in a bicycle accident, we traveled to the USA to see friends and family and raise money, spoke at youth camps, deepened our relationships in Ocean View, launched a new part of the vision for Ubuntu Sports, had a brick through our window and items stolen from our home, watched Kieren grow in life and joy, and recently were the unfortunate victims of identity theft ($8000 lighter thanks to that!).  Really, it's been a challenging year overall and we were forced to our knees before God time and time again.  Obviously this isn't a bad thing, and for us it's been a beautiful process of humbling ourselves before God in a way we have never known.  We are closer with our God, stronger in our faith, bonded in new ways as a family, and have a completely new love and gratefulness for life.  As we were reflecting on the challenges of the year, what is striking to both Casey and I is that we don't FEEL like it's been a hard year because we are happy and feel blessed.  Jesus has certainly taken our burdens and replaced them with His heart and vision for this world.  We see problems and need, some our own but most of those around us, but we know only God is big enough for them, but He is more than enough.  He is great enough and mighty enough and we might have never known that in so many personal ways without the hardships of this year.  I am certain we wouldn't.

We have shared a year with all of you and it's been such an honor and privilege that you have logged onto our blog day after day to follow our stories, pray for us, and join in this adventure.  We are eternally grateful for your support and friendship and feel you along this ride with us.  We are in a fresh year, and someone said at church yesterday, that 2011 has never happened in history before and it's our time to write it.  The opportunities are endless, the possibilities mind blowing.  The Prince family runs into this new year so excited about what God has ahead.  We are happy and full of life because of our God, and we pray His richest blessings on your life, as well.

Lots of love,

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