Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend Update

Hey everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!  I made the mistake of going to the 'shops' as they call the stores on Saturday - a Toys R Us to be exact - and I was reminded of the FURY and DETERMINATION of shoppers during this season.  It was crazy, but I'm sure it paled in comparison to the chaos at your stores!  We had a great weekend here, but the Prince home was relatively quiet, which was exactly my goal.  We made a family dinner and hung out together Friday night.  Saturday morning, Casey had a long run with some guys and then he and Michael went to Hillsong's new building to help continue the cleaning and set-up.  I elected to stay behind and run a few errands with Kieren and Ntokozo.  I found myself longing to cherish every minute with Ntokozo knowing she was leaving for Durban to visit family for a month on Monday morning!  We visited my Congolese friends Antoine and Mathy and it was so nice to spend time with them catching up and hear of their hopes and PLAN to move to the Democratic Republic of Congo at the end of January 2011!  They are ready for the next chapter of their lives in serving their people there and are working to get that accomplished soon!  I will miss them so much but more am happy and proud that they are following their passion and call.  Saturday afternoon we hung out a bit and then Casey went off to celebrate one of our friend's birthday with a boys' night.  When I was up with Kieren at 2am he was STILL not back, so needless to say they had a memorable night.  It was good for all the boys.  Ntokozo and I hung out and just rested.  Sunday morning we had church at Ocean View which was great, until our friend Charmaine came and scolded Casey who was still at home in his pajamas!  We have a hilarious group of people at our church.  We really just hung out together and helped Ntokozo pack and prepare for Durban all day Sunday, and then left in the afternoon to go to Hillsong for church.  They had an 'annointing' service, where they anointed every single person with oil, a marker of God's presence and blessing for the coming year.  It was an incredibly powerful night for Casey and I, as we were prayed over by a few people and even given some wisdom and encouragement from the head pastor, Phil Dooley.  We are in the right place and SO THANKFUL (trite words) for this church and their support of us.  Then we finished the night with a 'family' dinner with Casey and I, Kieren, Ntokozo, and Michael Jenkins at a Mexican restaurant we all love.  Perfect weekend.  I tried to soak up all the moments with our 'daughter.'  Please pray for her as she travels for a WHOLE DAY on a bus to see her family.  We are excited for them to see how she is growing up and becoming an incredible woman - we have even seen it in a month.

What a life of joy; hope yours feels the same



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