Saturday, December 11, 2010

Book Review by Sarah

"Circles of Dignity" by James Cochrane

In my new quest to fill my brain with lots of great information I have come across a recommended book written by one of the professors in the religion department at the University of Cape Town.  James Cochrane is widely esteemed Christian intellectual in his field and in the country of South Africa and he is working on some incredible ideas.  This is a VERY intellectual book, took me forever to get through, but it was extremely challenging and thought provoking.  Cochrane aims to help theological and church leaders from moving away as the definers of faith and thought in the church and allow people in the church, living out their faith in everyday lives, to define what God in life looks like.  It sounds simple enough, but the history of Christianity and even the church today proves that there can be a disconnect from the church 'leaders' and those living on the ground with God in the every day.  This book looks at expressions and insights of a group of people living in a rural township, a group called Amawoti community and church.  It is very interesting and something that I live out every day in learning among those I serve in the Ocean View township.  We actually ALWAYS have something new to learn and I love what I am learning here in our world these days!

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