Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Update

Brain Dump

My friend Katie Hobbie has an incredible blog and sometimes does something fun called a 'brain dump.'  It's a stream of consciousness dump of all that is in her brain.  It was a FULL weekend and I'm ready to dump it and move on to a beautiful Monday morning, so here you go!

Friday was pretty busy still, not sure what we did all day, but I know I was already feeling fatigued and tried to take some time to rest.  Oh yeah went to the library at Cornerstone Christian College and took out like 20 books (no lie, and more explanation soon) and then started reading books, went through a couple and really liked them, reading about the writings of John in the New Testament.  Friday night we hung out as a family and had a YUMMO dinner, all the Princes were happy even Ntokozo who is hard to please!  Rented a GREAT movie called 'Skin' and you just must see it.  Saturday woke up and took my View women to the Hillsong SISTERHOOD (more pics to come on that) and it was a wonderful day.  Came home and rested for a bit and then went to the preschool graduation of sweet Aimee Terry, her mother Bernadette is one of my closest friends in Ocean View.  I was there to take pictures and it was so sweet and the kids sang Christmas songs and had a nativity scene, really got me in the Christmas spirit.  Came home and made a salad dinner (also yum, I am REALLY enjoying cooking lately and STARTING to get a bit good at it) and then rested as a family.  So nice to be together.  Sunday morning woke up and had church at Ocean View Methodist and I just LOOOOVE my church so much, the worship has been really lively lately, they love the old-school worship songs but sing them with such PASSION that you can't help but love that time.  Watched Kieren and her boyfriend Dante in the living room while sermon went on - they are fun friends and then chatted a bit with my OV peeps after church.  Then was picked up by friend Rose Jenkins (Michael's sweet sister who lives here now) and we went to the city for Hillsong Church as they dedicated and opened their new church building!  It was a bit crazy but so special and felt anointed and historical.  We were so proud of that staff who have become our friends and are doing incredible work for the Gospel, and people are just so excited to be a part of a CHURCH which I think is pretty profound and it was full of laughter and celebration.  Kieren loves church there and the kids church is just amazing and the people who watch her there love her so well, we are very blessed.  Lunch afterwards with Hillsong friends and then back home for a quick rest.  Bernadette then hosted a birthday party for Aimee who just turned five, so I went over to their house in the View to celebrate and watch kids run around on a crazy sugar high - at birthday parties here they give the kids SO MUCH SWEETS and it's hilarious.  Then dinner together as a family and ANOTHER church service at Ocean View Methodist, a special one called a "Memorial Service" where we remember people that have passed on in the year and take a moment to bring any pain that we find during the Christmas season to Jesus.  I totally was WIPED and didn't want to go but did and helped out with service and it was very meaningful to many people there, I also got to serve communion which always is such a privilege and makes me feel so close to my people that I serve, and I just thought with each special face that I love these people so much and love that our lives are intertwined.  I wouldn't want to be anywhere else this Christmas season but with my Ocean View community, even though I know there will be times of missing family and friends in the US.  There is so much to celebrate and so many wonderful things ahead in this new year.  I am thankful and happy, and our home still is full of laughter, even though Ntokozo's 'teenager' side and attitude comes out more, there is so much love and life is full and wonderful.

New phrase I will start saying a bunch.  Love my life.  LML.

Lots of love!

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katieshobbie said...

YES! i feel like i'm famous now: an offical shout-out on the africa blog! woop woop! :) love you and i love your life too. so so proud of you and happy for you.