Monday, December 6, 2010

Quite a Pleasure

Was reflecting yesterday on how special it was to be a part of Hillsong's first day in their new building.  It was a miracle to watch the whole thing come together as they gave themselves about a month to totally revamp the building from a former nightclub, then women's lifestyle center, into a church.  There are still bugs to be sorted out, but it's ready for life.  They had SO MUCH FAITH that it would all work out.  To be there when something is born is a unique part of life.
With Grace Community Church, our home church, we missed all the firsts.  We missed the famous 1st service at the YMCA.  We missed the first service at "St. Michaels".  And even though I helped with some of the work, we missed the 1st service in the space they are at now.
Those are such important moments, and often are talked about for years, so to be there at Hillsong on the 1st day was quite a pleasure for us.  We're thankful for what that church has been and will continue to build into our lives.
And, yes, if you're paying attention, you realize that they also hosted "The Sisterhood" on Saturday with over 3,000 women in attendance.  I know, they're insane!!

By the way, we have an important Ubuntu update on that blog, so check it out: Elite Christmas Clinics.

Cheers, Casey

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