Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend-ish Update

I don't know why I feel the need to be all religious about my weekend updates, but I feel like something is missing when I don't cover our crazy Prince weekends!  This one was a bit blurry because I was shackled in a sinus infection / migraine haze that has only released me fully this (Tuesday) morning.  It's just after 5am, and I have Kieren down AGAIN to sleep for a bit, but now I'm awake.  Little one is battling too right now; we took her to the doctor yesterday and she has another bronchial infection.  Because of her asthma, when she gets a common cold, it produces a bad cough and can turn into infection.  She has gotten much less thanks to our great asthma meds from the States, but this one has hit her hard.  She can barely stay sleeping for long, coughs all the time, and is basically just miserable.  Luckily we have great community and an awesome Granny that help keep her distracted and she is only miserable and sick with us - why does it work that way parents??  So we are all on the mend and Casey is just holding it together.  We have had a guest staying with us for the past week, a new US friend who is doing work here in Masiphumalele and Ocean View and was connected through a ministry partner.  So Greg has been joining in the chaos, along with Ntokozo and it's always a house-full of crazy no matter what.  Ntokozo went with Danielle, a woman who disciples her, to see her aunt and uncle who she lived with before us, yesterday, and it was civil but strained.  They are upset that Ntokozo left them, even though they were horrible to her while she was living there, and the relationship is very strained with much of the family now.  Please pray for Ntokozo as she navigates through this new world of venturing out on her own towards a healthy and happy life, but not losing her family relationships.  Our weekend was filled with church, friends, a music therapy concert hosted by our great friend Kerryn Torrance, and other things I'm sure that I can't remember but I know were wonderfully lovely :)  It feels good to be moving towards health and hopefully I can get the rest of our family on track now - so prayers for us as we hobble along over here!

Lots of love,

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