Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Saying Goodbye

It's so hard to say goodbye....  these words are on my heart this week as we have had to say see-yah to our good buds Ben Cash and Antony Burton.  Casey and I took Ben to the airport last night and I couldn't believe that our time with them is officially ending.  What is CRAZY is that when they got here they found themselves in a NUT-SO world as Kieren was in the hospital (literally) with her 2nd degree critical burns and Casey left the hospital to go pick up Ben.  NEEDLESS TO SAY, we were a disaster of a family at the time, and that was poor Ben and Antony's welcome to this beautiful country.  They didn't jump back on the next plane, and slowly fell in love with the complexities, issues, beauty, and people of this great nation.  It's been six months since they got off those planes, and they spent their first two months living with families in Ocean View and then completed a semester at the University of Cape Town.  They have always been guys full of laughter and fun, but it was so amazing to see them in THIS place for this time.  Particularly the community of Ocean View just fell in love with these guys and are SO SAD that they are leaving.  It honestly feels strange that they are going back to the States; like they are supposed to just be here, not there!  We have gotten so use to them coming around, hearing them on the phones, seeing them with Granny and the people of Ocean View, and it's just strange that they won't be a part of our lives here.  It also is a moment of WAIT, we are the crazy ones who live in AFRICA by the way!  We are so thankful for our time with them, all their service in the community of Ocean View, the ways they connected with people we love, and all the ways they opened up and learned about love, race, and justice while living in this fascinating country.  These two are special and will surely be missed.

I can't help now but wonder, WHO IS NEXT to come and live in this crazy place with us?!?  The invitation is here - come and join us!!


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