Friday, November 5, 2010


We are starting a new focus and theme for the month of November at Ocean View Methodist Church, and it's all about FAMILY!  I am so excited about this because my co-pastor, Kyle, and I have been talking about preaching and teaching in themes for the past year and we just struggle to coordinate it all.  So finally it's FAMILY MONTH!  We will be preaching about family life each Sunday morning, but I am also hosting parenting workshops every Thursday night.  We are doing this instead of our usual Monday women's meetings, which has actually been a bit sad and we all already miss the time together.  But last night we had over 20 people and even two men at the workshop!  We had some activities, discussion, I did some teaching, and then we ended by praying for one another.  Family life is a major topic in the Ocean View community!  Because of the daily strain people have on their lives with violence, substance abuse, lack of jobs or adequate pay, and general hardships in life, family ends up being a place where all the emotions and pain come out - at one another.  It's hard to raise children in Ocean View, and so the topics and discussions really hit a nerve last night, and it was lively and challenging.  I am so thankful for a growing community that wants to engage these important topics, and we even had some new people join in!  I am excited for the change and growth we will experience over the coming month!!

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