Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ntgozo Update!

Thanks everyone for your prayers this week on the waiting situation with her family.  We THINK she is coming now to move in here tomorrow (Friday)!  So please keep your prayers COMING that her family would release her and have a peace about her staying with us.  We have also learned today that the Baby Safe ministry is looking for another home that Ntgozo can move in in the next couple months so she would NOT go to Durban over Christmas with her family.  They are nervous that if she goes with her family to Durban they will make her then stay there with her other (deceased father's) family.  This would be bad for so many reasons: one, there is nothing for her in the rural area her other family lives and she would likely not finish school.  Second, her son then might be taken away from the new foster mom that is about to take him over, because part of the arrangement is that her son can come out of the foster home if Ntgozo lives close.  Okay, many details, but they all NEED prayer!!  But wow, the thought that tomorrow she would come and stay with us for a month or two is exciting - and scary!!  Our lives are about to change, so please pray, pray, pray!!

We'll keep you updated, but it looks like great things are ahead!


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