Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ubuntu Update

We have been really busy since returning to South Africa with a community festival we are hosting called the One Valley Festival. It's really designed to bring the whole southern peninsula valley together: black, white, colored all enjoying the day together. You can find out more details on our REDESIGNED Ubuntu Sports Outreach blog.
I'm getting really excited about the day. We originally starting planning this for May to be a World Cup Kickoff type thing, but we couldn't secure the right venue so we pushed it back till now. Even then it was sort of looming over my head and we weren't getting a ton of traction. But lately, things are really starting to move. Partly, or probably mostly, because we've really started praying about it and asking God to do something! Recently the provincial government agreed to provide an inflatable soccer field for the event (imagine a bounce house/ or jumping castle that you play soccer in, but the floor is the ground) which will provide an element of fun. Peninsula Beverages, our local Coke bottler, is providing a mini-soccer field and other items. And I even got a local guy to donate balls and bibs. The advertisement is in the local paper today and people are starting to talk about it in the community!
So, it's really coming together! Please pray that teams would sign up, families would come together (not just send their kids), and that the community would enjoy being all together.
We are doing a better job of updating the Ubuntu Sports blog, so keep checking that, too. You don't have to check as often as you do this one, but don't forget about it!


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brendakay said...

The new blog site for Ubuntu looks so good! Great work!!