Friday, September 17, 2010


During small groups, one of my favorite 'games' or ways to share about ourselves, is to share a 'high' and a 'low' from the day or week. A high would be the best thing that happened and a low, the worst. Well this has certainly been a week of highs and lows, so I thought I would share!

Lows: Obviously the funeral for baby Lauren has been a particular low. And in addition, just witnessing the deep pain experienced by my friends Antoine and Mathy has been heartbreaking for me. I went to visit them again on Thursday and they are disheveled and without words. They aren't really sure how to move forward at this point and are just making it through the moments. However, a HIGH was to be able to pray for them once again, and they fully enter into that space and are seeking God with their broken hearts. God is really the only thing we need.

Highs: We have been blessed to have a great visitor this week, the fantastic Roxy Cash! Roxy is a friend from Raleigh, and her four kids have been either friends of ours or moved through the youth ministry at Grace. Now Roxy's son, Ben Cash is studying this semester at the University of Cape Town and so she is here for a visit. She has stayed at our house this week and it has been a blessing to host her and share our world with her. This is a woman filled with joy, life, and generosity, and so she has enjoyed the many pieces of this country, but had a particularly fun time in the VIEW because Ben lived here during our winter (American summer) months with a family from our church. We have eaten meals together, shared wine and cookies and chocolate, and had so many wonderful conversations. Her visit has given us many highs this week and we have loved her here! It's also such a blessing to have people here because it reminds us how special Ocean View and the people here really are, and how beautiful this amazing country of South Africa is! We say good-bye to Roxy tomorrow, and will miss her until our next time in the States (unless she just wants to move here, which is also fine...).

Highs and lows are a normal part of life, and for all the lows we each experience, there are always highs to celebrate and enjoy. Ours have been a bit extreme this week, but we are, as always, thankful for our lives here and all the surround us.

Lots of love,

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