Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Letters

This is a new blog theme that you will see inspired by my great friend Katie Hobbie at Hollar Katron!

Little Letters

Dear creator of children's Toms,
I love you. You are genius for creating something so cute and special. But I don't know if the 'in-need' kids in India and Africa and the other places you do the 'shoe drop' to receive a free pair of Toms get how cool they are. Kieren's are already dirty and not ONE kid here in Africa has told her how awesome they are :)

Dear girls of Ocean View,
Thank you for coming to my house every day, and all the new girls I am meeting. Thank you for being so full of life and love and beauty. Thank you for dancing and coloring and playing. Stay perfect and pure. Promise??

Dear Kieren,
You are hilarious. Keep being crazy.

Dearest Kieren,
Can you please wake up after 7am? K, thanks.

My beautiful and perfect Kieren,
I think you are a genius because you have learned how to make a Leggo tower. What I think is always true.

Dear Spring,
Mmmmm. Everyday is so lovely with you, thanks for coming to visit. Stay until summer.

Dear South Africa,
You are so fun. The people who call you home are so diverse and special and unique. Thank you for always changing and surprising me. Please help me to meet more of your people, enjoy greater parts of your landscape, and continue to fall in love with you more. But don't tell America, she can be jealous.


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