Monday, August 2, 2010

We're sorry...

So, we totally recognize that we are doing a TERRIBLE job with the blog lately. You would think that being in the land flowing with free internet it would be even easier, but we've just been SO BUSY! Here is a quick rundown of where we have been and what is ahead.
July 17-23 Fun in the Son camp where Sarah was the morning speaker; Jekyll Island, GA. She was AMAZING, by the way!!
July 23-25 Drove to Palm Harbor, FL to be with my sister Kristy's family. Had a small fundraiser with her friends.
July 25-31 Flew to Johnstown, PA where Sarah was the evening speaker at The Great Escape camp. Killed it here, also, of course! I taught a seminar, too!
July 31- Aug 2 Since we were up north already we flew to NYC from camp. We wanted to see our friends Alan and Jenny Sherouse who just had a baby & Chris and Callie Solomon who recently got married. The Solomon's let us stay in their beautiful 47th floor apartment in mid-town Manhattan. We shared at the church Alan pastors, Metro Baptist, about our work in South Africa and got to catch up with Jason Howland (SA friend) and Michael Walker (former Grace youth member).
Tonight we head back to Raleigh, but things are ahead. Tomorrow morning is Kieren's appointment at the burn unit at UNC Hospital. Please pray for that. I'm really hoping that they will say that the care we received is just what she needed.
This weekend I start an 8 day coaching course to receive my C license through the US Soccer Federation. I got an exemption into the C course, which is the first National course, so I'm a bit nervous since I didn't do the lower ones. Thankfully my friend Matt is doing the class with me and he's done the D course, so he'll have more experience. Pray that I excel and honor the chance that they took on giving me the exemption.
Okay, so that's a brief snapshot at our life. Again, sorry that we are struggling to post, camps have just been so hectic. We'll get better soon!!


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