Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello from Sarah!

Hey everyone!

WOW, so sorry that I have been horrible about blogging during our time in the States. It has been crazy and I have been totally caught up in the fun, emotion, and joy of this time. It's been a great time to celebrate and share all that God has done. We just wrapped up two weeks of youth camps and some trips on the ends of them and it's been fun. It was a privilege to minister to the middle school and high school youth and both camps were very special. These youth are amazing and God has GREAT stuff ahead for them! Now we are back in Raleigh and I am VERY much looking forward to some time resting and relaxing. Those who are connected to our facebook accounts can get on our home pages to check out lots of pictures that fun 'campers' have posted of us all during our youth adventures. Did I mention it was amazing?!?

Kieren is doing great and really enjoyed our travels, as well. Luckily we had a sweet, wonderful young girl, Katie Worley, who traveled with us for the camps and helped to care for Kieren which was an incredible blessing. Kieren definitely was shy being a 'baby celebrity' but it was a good time for all. Today, we went to the University of North Carolina burn hospital and met with doctors and occupational therapists and had some great conversations. All in all, they would have done things very similar to the care we received from doctors in South Africa and her burn scars are looking 'appropriate' for this time out from the burn. We are very thankful, and will even go back to the hospital one more time and meet also with a plastic surgeon. It will be great to get a consult from them, but the doctor we saw today believes they will wait at this point and maybe do a procedure to help with scar tissue the next summer.

Thanks for all your love and support during this time and looking forward to seeing many of you in the next few weeks!


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