Friday, June 4, 2010

Trying Something New


Well it's Friday night, and I just finished a great BRINNER (breakfast for dinner) with Kieren - yum! She's off to bed already and we had a great day together. She was feeling pretty happy and played all day. We are excited about something new in her healing process that has been introduced to us, that we tried today. A good friend here, Mandy Rapson, introduced us to a therapy that is from Switzerland and being used for burns and other needs. It's a light therapy called 'Bioptron' (check out the link here). Lots of people know about it and have heard of the great results that can come from it here - but it's nothing I had ever heard of! Here in South Africa they are really open to different methods of health and healing, so we decided to give it a try. It's a yellow light that is put on the affected area for 10 minutes at a time, and we are going to try to do it two times a day until we see some results - which we hope to see by Wednesday when the doctors want to make a decision about her possible skin graft. There is a family who owns a Bioptron machine and Ursula, the mother, is trained in using it. The family is so sweet and gracious to help us with Kieren (especially since she cried the WHOLE time this afternoon when Casey took her). Kieren and I had a better experience this evening, but still hard! She is just so scared of having ANYTHING near her burn and it causes some great pain when we have to take off the bandages. But by the end she was calm and we got to talk to the family a bit. SO we are hopeful that this might help her healing process and we are encouraged once again! Pray for us as we continue to help Kieren's healing (specifically on her chest) along!

Lots of love,

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