Saturday, June 5, 2010

Light Therapy Update

Hey kids!

We are at day two of this new light therapy called 'Bioptron' and it feels like day 12! Kieren really doesn't like it and cries when we just pull in the driveway of our new friend! I am eventually able to calm her down when the light is focused on the burn spots, but then when we move the light to a new position in 10 minutes she gets moved and worked up again! Sound exhausting? It is! She just hates it and it's painful to take off and put on new bandages and clean the wounds twice daily. BUT! BUT! We are definitely seeing results as some of the lower burns on her chest are beginning to dry and turn into scabs! Such a great praise! So we are thankful for what God is doing through this new friend and light therapy, I really feel like it's helping. It is an exhausting experience and we will continue to do it twice a day on Monday and Tuesday so that we can hopefully have a good visit with the doctor on Wednesday. Pray for us as we continue on! This is QUITE the journey and having new twists all the time, but we are seeing her continue to heal and move forward. It's hard for me to endure her crying and screaming, but the good moments with her are really great!

Oh and it WAS a beautiful Cape Town day, sunny and in the 60's. I love this kind of winter!

Lots of love,

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