Friday, June 18, 2010

No Surgery Yet...

There is a saying we always say around here, "TIA" meaning, 'This is Africa.' Casey rightly used this saying today at the hospital. We arrived at 7am, meaning we left the house around 6:15, and made sure that Kieren hadn't eating anything since the night. This is usually fine, since Kieren sleeps through the night, except last night she decided not to and was hungry for a couple hours in the middle of the night. It was really sad because she kept trying to go to the kitchen to get out her box of cereal - an activity that she usually does! Anyways, we made it through the night, got to the hospital, got her checked in, had a bed, and started to wait. And we waited, and we waited. At first it was fine, Kieren was distracted and happy, but then she began to realize her hunger and was crying. So we paced the hospital until about 9:30 when the doctor and professor came in to tell us what was happening.

THE ELECTRICITY WAS OUT IN THE HOSPITAL and so they couldn't use the 'theatre' or surgery rooms. Seriously. The hospital does have a generator but it's not strong enough to actually support the whole hospital. TIA. Only in Africa.

The professor told us that the electricity might be back on at some point today, but he didn't know. Honestly, at this point Kieren was HYSTERICAL and so we decided to come back another day. He still wants to do a skin graft, but other nurses and doctors think she may not need it, so we will get a reassessment on Monday when we go in for another appointment. If we still need a small skin graft then we will go back on Tuesday for it.

Ughhh. That's how I feel. I am emotionally so exhausted from all this I don't even know what to think or feel. I don't want Kieren to have a skin graft but if it's going to help her scarring then obviously it's a good thing. I just don't know. I do know I am tired of this. I have been telling God lately that I think he chose the wrong people for this story, because I am getting really tired of it. HOWEVER, Kieren seems to be thriving and has had a GREAT week loving life and feeling great (except for the hysteria this morning). Not sure what will happen next in this story but I do believe something that Granny Jacoba always says, "We trust where we do not see." Our God is in control.

Lots of love,

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