Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knee Diagnosis

So, the knee diagnosis is in. I only spent most of the day there! So, after a visit to the doctor, an X-ray, and an MRI we have sorted out that I have a torn meniscus, which is definitely better than my ACL. The word the doctor used was actually a "Smashed" meniscus. Nice. Glad that I could do better than just a tear.
I'm having arthroscopic surgery tomorrow afternoon. I'm glad to get it taken care of right away. Hopefully by the time we get home I'll be off crutches. And then, after my surgery tomorrow, I'm going straight from the hospital to the Holland vs. Cameroon game!! :) No time for complaining!!
So please pray for the surgery, recovery, and all that other stuff.


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Daria said...

Good luck Casey, we will keep you in our prayers. Keep us posted on your recovery!