Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just Show Up

Hello everyone!

It's been a busy week here at the Prince home so just wanted to check in quickly. We have LOVED not having to go to the hospital since Monday - what a praise! Kieren has been feeling better by the day and we are seeing her sweet and fun personality come out more and more! It's awesome! Today was a hard day because Casey and I had to clean her wounds and re-dress them. I hoped it was going to be okay because it would involve a nice, warm, fun bath in her own home, but it was almost just as traumatizing for her as at the hospital. Once we finally finished, Kieren was still upset and in some pain and really continued to cry and whine most of the day. It was frustrating and just makes you sad to see her sad! Somehow tonight she perked back up as some of the kids came inside to play with her so we ended on a great note! As I cleaned her chest wounds today it is evident that they are STILL not healing and so we are praying big time still for full healing! I am really trying not to revert to fear about these wounds because I so don't want her to have to have a skin graft, but it's very tempting to worry about, you know?? So I guess you could also pray for my faith in our God :)

Tonight was a fun night because I was reminded that ministry is LESS about me and so much more about our God. Sometimes all you have to do is SHOW UP. The week of Kieren's burn I had invited a friend Cindy James to come to dinner that Thursday night and have a gathering for some of the young adult women that are Christians and in Ocean View that we know. She was excited about it, but with the accident it was postponed until this week. I HAD been excited about it, but with a tiring day with Kieren I wasn't really looking forward to it anymore and was wishing for a night alone. But the 'show goes on' and I just had them over anyways. I felt like I had nothing to give and it was awkward at the beginning some when we all didn't know what to say, but the night ended up really wonderful because I just asked questions, was authentic myself, and invited them to share their own lives. I just showed up. God really did something among us and gave us a deeper bond even in the couple hours we spent together. And it was only three of us, but perfect to give them a space to talk and share openly about the struggles in their lives that no one else knows about. I am so thankful to live in this community, that for some reason God has given me favor here among some of these people, and that these women feel comfortable with me and open up to me. They are incredible and inspiring young women and I pray that God will give us MORE great dinner nights together.

Lots of love,

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