Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello Video from the Prince's

Check out this video from the Prince family! We have had a great day today and Kieren was feeling great!

This is a video of Kieren and I hanging out. She was having so much fun today playing outside!


Stephen and Daria Crater said...

thanks for sharing the videos, it's great to see you guys! we will continue to pray, love to you all.
the craters :)

Kerry said...

OH my girlfriend is TALKING oh please post more so awesome love you guys

Carolina said...

AWWW!!!! I LOVE THESE VIDEOS!! Sweet Princes, I will pray for that beautiful little lady as she continue to recover from the trauma. I love you so much!

katieshobbie said...

love love love this post. so excited to see the videos! thanks for keeping us all updated!