Monday, May 24, 2010

What He Said...

Andy Chenlo, has been our Ubuntu intern for this first year of our time here ministering in South Africa. He is an American student on a gap year between graduating high school and starting college; he will begin at NC State this coming fall. Andy lives with a family in Ocean View and has become a 'fixture' in this place - EVERYONE loves Andy (or as in the case of the ladies, are IN love with him!). He is a special person with an incredible heart and a passion for God and people. He loves the kids who play at our house very well, but also can discipline and teach them in profound ways. People are already in mourning about Andy leaving in a month (he travels home with us to America in July) and truly, we also can't imagine our lives here in Ocean View without him. I caught up on some blogs this morning and read Andy's blog highlighting Kieren's accident and the beauty of prayer and love through crisis. So you can go to the link below to read his blog, and yeah... what he said.

Andy Chenlo Blog

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