Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Little Mexican Bull

So here is the best update I can give with the few brain cells I have!
Let's start with the fact that God is on the move. He is active and alive. If He is for us, who can be against us. Satan can, that's for sure, but God is going to have victory here in this situation and people are going to be ministered to and inspired by this story.
This morning Kieren saw the doctor and he said that it looked like she has about 20% burn. Basically, that's the percentage of her body burned. There are few spots on her face, right on her little cheeks. Then her neck is pretty burned and then down onto the left side of her chest and her left shoulder. With her bandages off she looks like the bionic woman, because the other side of her chest is perfectly fine. She's part human, part machine! Her burns are either superficial (what we used to call 1st degree) and partial thickness (2nd degree). Hot water burns are the best kind to get b/c it's a more pure substance. Not like flame, oil, or something else. There are many kids here dealing with that type of thing. Many of them don't have visitors and have been here for much longer. I'm sitting next to a boy named Demitri that has been here 3 months and he can't remember when he last had a visitor. He's playing a matching game on my iphone while I type.
Back to Kieren, sorry. Well, they decided to do a small cosmetic surgery to help ensure the complete healing of her burns, especially on her face. They kept saying that the surgery 'theatre' was very busy and that it would be late tonight before we could get her in. We went to have some lunch with Jenks (who is a seriously amazing friend, btw) while Kerryn Torrance stayed with Kieren. Then, we were going to head over to the Torrance's to shower and rest while Jenks stayed with Kieren, but as we were pulling out of the parking lot Kerryn called and said that they were taking her to surgery! It was such a miracle, b/c the sooner she had it the sooner the healing process could begin and the more effective it would be. So, they took her to surgery and everything went well. They put a thing called Bio-Brane on her face, neck, and chest. They cover it with that glue stuff that is sometimes used instead of stitches. This allows the Bio-Brane to adhere to her skin. It has all these healing components in it to help make sure she doesn't scar (hopefully, at all). Her face probably would have healed fine on its own, but we wanted to do everything we could to make sure she would look just as gorgeous in her wedding dress as we have always imagined!
She's been doing fine since then. They are doing some nebulizer treatments to make sure that the congestion in her chest breaks up. She's resting well otherwise. Right now she's really swollen up and wrapped like a mummy around her face and neck. Her body is a gauze t-shirt!
We have had lots of visitors today and are driving the nurses crazy. Jenks was here lots of the day. Andy and Granny Jacoba came for a while this morning (Granny was so broken hearted about "HER BABY!") and left with our new friends Karl and Julie Ostrand who are missionaries from Nebraska. Kerryn was here for a while and Evan stopped by later. Then Lucinda Dooley, one of the pastors from Hillsong, came for quite a while, and might I add, looked stunning in her hairnet and apron! Later on her husband Phil and Jon, the assistant pastor from Hillsong, joined us here. Phil didn't look quite as stunning in his hair net.
I really feel like Kieren is the most prayed for child on the planet right now! We are amazed at all the messages we have received and then knowing that people are even passing the message along to their friends and fellow prayer warriors. We are so humbled that our little Mexican Bull is loved and cared for by so many people.
You know, Sarah and I are the closest we have ever been to being in the center of God's will for us. We are growing spiritually and are at the healthiest place in our marriage that we have ever been. Frankly, Satan doesn't like it. He is seeing that we are reclaiming lives back to God throughout Ocean View and throughout the Southern Peninsula. He thought he could steal them, but God loves them all too much and we have been sent here to draw them back. Satan thought he could attack us through Kieren, but he only managed to strengthen our resolve. We knew that God was calling us into a difficult situation. Erwin McManus, a pastor I really respect says, "The most dangerous place to be is in the center of God's will." (I actually sent that quote to Pastor Phil on Monday afternoon in response to his sermon on Sunday. Whoops!) Obviously, spilling tea can happen anywhere at anytime. But our house is busy and full of visitors. Kieren is well loved, but you can't watch her every move. But that's exactly the life God called us to. To live open lives, with a hospitable home, that would invite people to experience Jesus. We will not back down from that call, even if it means stuff like this happens. We love Kieren with all our heart, but we love Jesus more. And Jesus loves her more than we could ever dream. So, if we love Him and He loves her, then we must lay her down at His feet and trust Him with her future. I know that this is only the first of many testimonies her life is going to tell. She's going to be an amazing evangelist, disciple maker, and lover of people. This is just the start. People in the hospital will know the glory of God by our being here. People in Ocean View will see the glory of Almighty God through Kieren's healing. And people in America will know that they were a part of petitioning God to have His way in her life. We trust Him the most!
We still cherish your prayers!! For Kieren's healing, that she would have absolutely zero scarring. For our ministry here in this hospital. For our own emotional and spiritual exhaustion. And mostly that God would be given glory. A lot was supposed to happen this week, so also pray that we would find a way to make some of it happen!
We love you and are humbled by your support!



Amy said...

Well said, Casey!

You all must be incredibly tired, but I am amazed at how even through such a difficult time for you all & Kieren, God gave you the opportunity to show love to a little boy who hasn't had a visitor in three months. That right there is a testimony of God's graciousness and faithfulness...even in the midst of this. A small thing, maybe, but probably HUGE to that little guy.

As you know, many are continuing to pray for you all and Kieren! If there's anything else we can do from here, please let us know!

Love you all! (And SO thankful you have friends there to support you guys in this...I know there are so many that wish they could be there right now with you, but it's comforting to us to know that you all have such a wonderful community to love and support you in person.)

Carolina said...

Wow Casey...beautifully written. All glory to our great God!! and we will continue to pray. LOVE YOU ALL!!

adam herod said...

Glad to hear she's doing better & glad to hear the fire in your voice. Keep doing your thing y'all.

dawn said...

so glad to hear that kieren is doing well! will keep praying for all of you.

your words about the dangers of being in the center of God's will were particularly poignant to me and expressed something in my heart that i haven't been able to put into words. thanks for sharing them!

Blair said...

thanks for the update. praying.

Blair said...

thank you for the update! praying for God's healing for my sweet, special K!!

Blair said...

thank you for the update! praying for God's healing for my sweet, special K!!

mikey said...

We are blessed to know such strong people who believe in God every moment in life. YOu are a true inspiration. We are praying for you, Sarah, and Keiren knowing taht God's will here will be done. We miss you guys.

Billy & Megan said...

tears are streaming down my face as i sit here. we laid in bed last night praying for little kieren & are overjoyed to hear things are going so well with her recovery. God really is good. what a testimony to read how you are still able to cling to Him in the face of tragedy & are determined to continue despite satan's attempts. wow.
and about the spilled tea - i drink coffee with our shep playing underfoot every morning. i accidentally dropped him on his head & gave him a concussion a few months ago, too. we can't raise our kids in a bubble. so don't beat yourselves up!

JL_Harris said...

Hi, you don't know me. But, I'm a friend of Katie Hobbie's. And actually I think I may have met her only once. I know her through another friend. Anyway, Katie put out a FB post to be praying - and I just wanted to let you know that I have. You're right, God WILL have the victory in this. And as a parent to a 14-month old myself, I have much comfort in knowing that there are also other prayer warriors out there. I can only imagine the feeling of having "the most prayed for child on the planet". :)

Thanks for the update. I'll be following - and praying.


Jenifer said...

I had to leave a comment, I don't know you but someone I know posted about your little girl today(Katie Hobbie) I prayed for your daughter today and will continue to pray for her complete healing. I just have to say how touching and remarkable it is to hear how faithful you are in a difficult time. It's very inspiring- a true testimony to God.
Praise God for the healing he will do in your little one.
God bless your family.