Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kiers Thurs afternoon


I am sitting in the 'lounge' of the hospital as Kieren naps and just wanted to check in. We have had a great day here. The doctor checked her burns and they are healing well. They wanted to still keep her because of swelling in the face and body, took out all the tubes that were holding us in our room - PRAISE! We have played with her in the lounge today, she has walked a bit, played with toys, smiled and even laughed (although it sounds like an old man smoker's cough). She is definitely healing more today and the results are very visible. It's so encouraging. The challenge of the day was with the staff, nurses, and security here as they have gotten fed up with all our visitors - they had no idea the army the Prince's would bring into this place! They have been short with us at times, and my fatigue has taken their rebukes personally, but we had a great talk with the head nurse who wants to work with us but also has to protect the other kids. Great to talk with them and have an understanding. I was a bit heartbroken when Granny Jacoba came this morning and they wouldn't let her see Kieren, but I know she will see her soon. Casey and I got to escape to the B&B for a nap while the head of the pastoral care at Hillsong came and watched Kieren. I tell you what, that church has it's stuff together! They have loved us SO WELL! Some of our Oceanview Methodist peeps came here today too which was great. We are encouraged, exhausted, but held up by our God. It is amazing to me that every time I reach a time when I come to the end of myself and feel that I can't do it any longer, God jumps in and restores me and holds us up. He has been very present and faithful and we continue to give all the praise.

Keep the prayers coming! We pray for more healing for Kieren and a deep night's sleep for even more healing.

Lots of love,

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Keeing Up with the Jones' said...

It's awesome to hear the GREAT NEWS!!! Kids are so resilient and thanks be to God for that! Love you all! Get a good nights rest!!!