Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kieren Update- Sunday

We recently arrived home from Kieren's appointment back at the hospital. She will have to go back every couple of days to have her "dressings" redone. They were in need, too, because she had been pulling on them so they were falling apart a bit.
They seemed pleased with the progress her face is already making. It seems like her healing their will be full. Her body has a few spots that they are worried about where maybe the Bio-brane didn't take hold like they had hoped. They even mentioned possibly wanting to do skin grafts. We are praying against that! We don't want her to have to have any more surgery and also don't want other parts of her body to have 'burns'. They say they will wait another 7-14 days to see how things are naturally healing, so please join us in praying that her natural healing (at the Hands of God) will be more than enough!
This time they wrapped her face less so you can see her much better. It will allow us to see her smile and laugh better! It also just reminds you who is under all those bandages. You begin to think the full mummy look IS your little girl. But it's not. There is a beautiful blonde baby under there! She even has a few hairs showing now. I'm hoping the new look will make her more comfortable, too. Now we have to put lots of cream on some small scabs on her face and keep things 'greased' up so that she doesn't get itchy and scratch open the wounds. Pray for that, too, that she won't be itchy.
So, though we are home, there is still a long road ahead and we still desperately seek your prayers.
We are doing pretty well as a family and have amazing people around us that are willing to help. I'm so thankful for them. I can notice that my fatigue is finally catching up with my attitude, so I'm hoping that will change soon. Otherwise I will strangle almost every kid in this community! We don't want that!
Thanks for all the prayers so far, they have been holding us up through all of this.


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