Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time with Kelly

Today I got some great time with my buddy Kelly Kosky that we have wrote about on the blog. Kelly is the one that lost his leg in a cycling accident. I had the opportunity to take Kelly to his appointment to start getting his prosthetic leg. Today they started the measurement and casting process. It was very interesting to see how they do all of it. Hopefully by Friday he will get to try out the part around his stump. If all of that goes well then they will build the rest and he may walk out of there next week on a new leg. Amazing! Kelly is attacking this new challenge in life with vigor. He is determined to cycle again, and according to the doctor, it should be no problem. He may have one walking leg and one cycling leg! (Sounds crazy to say.)
The best part today was just having time with him. Learning from him. Hearing more about the ministry they are doing. We started dreaming today of days when Sarah and I would go to the Eastern Cape and do some ministry with their church plants, Bible School, and other folks there.
I'm thankful for a man that has been here for so long and can really speak truth and wisdom into my life. Please continue to pray for his process and recovery.


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