Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey friends! Just wanted to share some pictures from our fun get-away to Mosaic Farm in Stanford here in South Africa. It was a gorgeous place away, beautiful sounds and LACK there of, great camp for some excited kids, and wonderful new friends! We are so thankful!

Lots of love,

Kieren hanging out at the Mosaic Lodge 'Spokhaus' or 'Spook House'

The view at the Lodge

"Mommy, I have worms and they are BUSY in my tummy!"

Casey and Sarah at the Lodge

Kieren with our new friend Vivan at the Stanford camp

Images of camp

Last night with our NYC and LA friends in Cape Town. We love these crazies!

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Callie said...

I can't get over Kieren! I feel like the picture of her with the goldfish could just have easily been a picture of you or Casey posing mid-bite.