Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Update

Hello friends and family!

Hope you had a beautiful weekend - ours was wonderful! It was a slow and restful one which was welcomed by both of us. The weather was perfect - sunny and getting cooler. One fun thing about the weekend and the past week is the number of kids that have been hanging out - both inside and out! They have recently discovered our X-box and love to challenge Casey and each other with the 'FIFA' game. As it's been Easter break (two weeks off school) we have welcomed them in the house more to hang out. What is cool is that they are finally understanding if they behave, are kind and thankful, and not too loud we love them hanging out! On Sunday they were in the house watching a soccer game and we had to leave to go to church and we actually felt sad about kicking them out of the house - they were so cute all laying on the floor watching tv! Saturday night we had Shagmie and Lauren and Lauren's sister Samantha over for dinner and just caught up. Sunday we had church at the OV, the hanging with a local pastor in Simon's Town and his wife, Martain and Roxy. Fun! Relaxed in the afternoon with the OV boys and then Hillsong Church and dinner. We took my View friend Danielle (it SOUNDS like Denille, but I have been spelling it wrong!!) with us and she LOVED it! It was a special night and now we take that passion back to our spot. Great weekend and working on a very productive Monday. Lots for both of us to do and we are very excited!

Lots of love,

PS. Is it strange that our pastor friends Martain and Roxy felt the need to pray for us before they left our house in the View? Hahaha, just thought it was funny :)

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