Wednesday, March 17, 2010


This week is flying by and crazy! Casey and I are both finding ourselves so busy with ministry and other things so just wanted to check in with some updates. Casey is working hard on finishing up finding relationships with churches and schools so he can start teams in the schools after Easter. He is doing a great job and working so hard -and already having some partnerships beginning to form! Pray for him, that God would grant him favor with these new people and relationships. I have been working on all the final details on the Women's Rally I am hosting (this is my new term for what I am doing with this event) coming up on this Saturday. The more I talk about this event the more I realize that it's something that was in the hearts of many of the women and churches here in Ocean View, to gather women from different backgrounds and minister to and encourage others, and I was just the one to say out-loud 'let's do this!' What a privilege to be used, but I see this is much bigger that me. I came together with a group of women from different churches on Monday night and we talked about details and then prayed for the night and it was a beautiful time of worship together. These women are incredible and they are going to change this community. I just love being able to see God already at work. So some of the details that I need prayers for: 1. I am 'preaching' or sharing a short message. I have been praying about it and working on it in my head, but haven't written anything down, so TIME to actually do that and then that God would give me wisdom on what to share. 2. We realized late (this week) that we need a noise permit and event permit and I was denied these today... woops. I have talked to others in the government who don't think we need it at all, but we just need FAVOR by the Ocean View police on Saturday, who would be the only ones to get upset and who could possibly shut down the entire event. We really feel a peace about it, but what a buzz-kill would that be if it all just got cancelled!?! So yeah, that. 3. Protection over the leadership team (spiritually and physically) as domestic violence (the major theme we will be talking about) is a major stronghold here and NOT something many people want to change. I am REALLY excited about the event overall and have butterflies about it, but I really think it's going to be awesome. Can't wait to share what God does. Yikes!

Other than that, we are just hanging out, meeting with friends, ministering to different people in the community, and watching Kieren grow and have fun. This week Casey and I have also started a small group of sorts where we are going to do a 'Marriage Course.' We played catch up this week as we missed the first session, but got a double dose of wisdom on marriage in the past two nights. It's a great series already and has sparked some wonderful discussion and time together. And it was Casey's prompting that actually got us to do this - awwww!

Happy Wednesday!

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